Webinar: Rapid Prototyping for ECU software development

Register here for the webinar on 30 September 2021 (French or  English).

During this webinar, ETAS will present novel rapid prototyping solutions for the new automotive electronic architectures and how to interact with existing tools. This typically includes virtual or real-time bypass and validation solutions for new algorithms.

The ability to quickly evaluate and update new functions is the key to any efficient and cost-effective software design process. Models can be run on different types of targets, i.e. on the PC, on the simulation controller of a fast prototyping system or on the ECU, allowing fast iterations of software creation. The prototype of the target implementation can be validated by a simulation, in real conditions, in the vehicle or in a test bench.

ETAS offers you a webinar to understand the possibilities that come with the existing tools currently in use:

  • INTECRIO is the integration platform for prototyping. Function models and code coming from various sources (ASCET, MATLAB®/Simulink®, C code, or AUTOSAR software components) can be easily assembled.
  • ETAS' ES830 rapid prototyping module is a powerful experimentation platform for the development and validation of vehicle ECUs and electronic systems, both in the lab and on board vehicles.
  • EHOOKS is a software that allows bypass hooks to be inserted directly into the ECU software without requiring access to the ECU source code or the software compilation chain.

Date: 30 September 2021 at 9 AM (French) and 4 PM (English) CEST.
Duration: 1 hour
Speaker: Alexandre Honorio, Field Application Engineer
Target: Everyone involved in ECU software development (design, integration, validation).


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