ETAS Academy Webinar: Test and Validation of Fuel Cell Systems ECUs

Enabling the transition from traditional internal combustion engines to electrified powertrains is key for future vehicles.

This means not only continued improvements to the chemical, mechanical, and electrical specifications of Fuel Cells, but also the development of high-performance ECUs.

To meet the need of more information concerning this subject, ETAS created a webinar to share important  knowledge, how to cope with the challenges coming. The focus of this webinar is on the efficient, targeted test and validation methodology for these high-performance ECUs. We will present solutions ranging from Software-in-the-Loop testing up to a closed loop deployment with a Hardware-in-the-Loop system for Fuel Cell System testing.

Key Take Aways

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How test and validation of Fuel Cell Systems ECUs can look like at different development stages
  • Which tools can support the development of Fuel Cell Software-in-the-Loop and Hardware-in-the-Loop systems
  • Which key aspects have to be considered when working with a Fuel Cell plant model  
  • How to perform a closed loop setup for testing and validation of Fuel Cell System related ECUs

Our expert presenting

Dr. Juan Pontes
Head of Engineering Test Solutions Europe

How to attend

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Live Q&A Sessions

We offer two live sessions where you can get in contact with our experts.

  • Dr. Juan Pontes
    Head of Engineering Test Solutions Europe
  • Dr. Martin Rosing
    Product Manager Simulation Models
  • Raphael Hans
    Test and validation modeling specialist and fuel cell expert
  • Lars Reimer
    Closed-Loop specialist

How to attend

Please dial into the Skype session at the indicated time by clicking on the respective link. We are looking forward to your participation.

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