Webinar: EHANDBOOK – Interactive documentation

Register here for the webinar on 8 October 2021 (English).

The increasing complexity of pollution standards is forcing manufacturers to develop increasingly sophisticated strategies in order to comply with them. This translates into increased complexity in both the models and logic embedded in the various ECUs.
Traditional software documentation has reached its limits.

Documentation of computer software that is both easy to understand and to handle is therefore required.

The award-winning ETAS EHANDBOOK solution provides new tools to document ECU software. It allows for an interactive graphical representation of logic at different levels of abstraction. 

With EHANDBOOK, handling the documentation of large applications is simpler, smarter and faster.


  • Role-play
  • Introducing the EHANDBOOK solution
  • Opening an EHANDBOOK file
  • Presentation of a model
    • A look at the EHANDBOOK
    • A look at Matlab
    • A look at ASCET
  • How do you trace a signal?
  • Adding an A2L file
  • Adding a DBC file
  • Searching for variable information
  • Searching for calibration information
  • Exporting a function – Photo
  • Exporting a function – PDF
  • DEBUG example
    • Connecting with INCA
    • Connecting with MDA

When will the WEBINAR take place:

  • Session in English: Thursday 8 October 2021 from 3PM to 4PM CEST


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