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Webinar: How to manage secure resource sharing on next generation of E/E architectures?

Using a microcontroller hypervisor as an integration platform for next-generation E/E architecture is a desirable proposition. However, an essential consideration in such platforms' system architecture is sharing the HSM without compromising security and performance requirements.

In this free, 60-minute webinar, Andrew Coombes and Rohan Pandit of ETAS present a use case of integrating an HSM into a microcontroller hypervisor system.


  • Discover the next generation of E/E architectures
  • Learn why virtualization is needed
  • Gain insight into HSM/security use cases for a hypervisor system
  • Learn about the functionality of the microcontroller hypervisor
  • Discover how to integrate an HSM into a microcontroller hypervisor system
  • Q&A


  • Andrew Coombes, Senior Product Manager – Vehicle Operating System
  • Rohan Pandit, Product Owner – Hardware security module


  • English