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From Virtual Test Bench to Series Production

From Virtual Test Bench to Series Production

From Virtual Test Bench to Series Production

Hardware-in-the-Loop system handles production calibration for off-road engines


There is hardly another automotive engineering sector that is more multifaceted than the domain of off-road vehicles. Numerous engine variants and assemblies and the most diverse operating conditions impose stringent demands on development and calibration. With the need to perform the many different related tasks efficiently and with a constant eye on high quality, AVL relies on ETAS LABCAR Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) testing systems – the production calibration of selected functions included.


Off-road vehicles come in a number of variants and are deployed under the most diverse environmental conditions. Calibration work that will cover all available options – on location or in large climate chambers – is a costly and time-intensive enterprise. New approaches are therefore needed.

Using model-based calibration methods such as AVL MoBEO opens the door to the reliable production calibration of selected functions by means of LABCAR.

The use of this type of “virtual production calibration” saves time and money. In addition,the simulation of all manner of environmental conditions results in an increase of calibration quality.