Invented for life, secured by ETAS

The Bosch eAxle is a compact electric drive solution for battery-electric or hybrid vehicles. The electric motor, power electronics and transmission are integrated into a single unit that directly drives the vehicle axle. ETAS significantly supports the Bosch engineers in the implementation of cybersecurity mechanisms according to requirements and in the security testing of the system.

As an important component of a future fuel cell system for vehicles, Bosch's electric air compressor provides the fuel cell stack with oxygen for power generation at the necessary pressure level. ETAS accompanies Bosch in the security engineering process to ensure that protection and information security of the digital data processed in the electric air compressor inverter are maintained. Furthermore ETAS provides the Security Project Manager for the Bosch project and supports the risk analysis, security concept and helps to build up the required cybersecurity competencies in the Bosch team.

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