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Famille produits/Catégorie

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Produit / Thème





ConsultingTest Operation ServicesArticle RealTimesReducing Effort, Increasing Quality

ETAS extends Test and Validation portfolio with Test Operations Services

ETAS is now offering independent, comprehensive Test Operations Services through its regional offices. Test Operations Services include requirements engineering, test specification, test case development, as well as test execution and reporting. These new services complement the existing ETAS portfolio of test process, infrastructure, and strategy …

Téléchargements ETASmultiple productsArticle RealTimesSales Under New Leadership

For almost a year now, the England-born Christopher White has been a member of the ETAS Executive Board of Management and in charge of sales. The RealTimes editorial team had the chance to talk to him about his career and his expectations for working at ETAS

ES500, LABCAR – Produits logiciels / SystèmesES590 / ES591, LABCAR-AUTOMATION, LABCAR-OPERATORArticle RealTimesSmart, Interconnected Tools

When a test vehicle turns test assistant

“Start the engine. Select gear and accelerate to 2,000 rpm,” the driver is told. But the man behind the wheel is no novice, in fact he’s a professional. The instructions are for Martin Bauer, an experienced driver and developer of software tools and methods. He executes the release test of the latest software version for an engine management system and its data set – and it is …

ASCET, ES900, INTECRIOASCET-MD, ES910, ES920, INTECRIOArticle RealTimesSteer-by-Wire Test Bench

ETAS supports Stuttgart University

At the Chair of Automotive Mechatronics of the Institute for Combustion Engines and Automotive Technology (IVK), engineering students gained detailed insights into modern vehicle mechatronics by taking part in lab internships. One of the internship exercises consists of comparing the CAN (Controller Area Network) fieldbus with the better-performing FlexRay vehicle bus.

Engineering Services, RTA, StandardsAUTOSAR, DESK-LABCAR, INCA V7.1, ISO 26262, SecurityArticle RealTimesTailor-made Embedded Software

High-quality, customer-specific embedded software development

A number of trends require vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers to adopt new approaches to developing embedded software based on highly specialized know-how. RTA Engineering Services addresses these challenges by providing customer-specific, high-quality embedded software development based on ETAS’ many years of experience in successfully delivering …

Virtualization Technologymultiple productsArticle RealTimesVirtualization Is the Key to Greater Efficiency

Improving the development of electronically controlled systems

More and more development work for new vehicle models is being conducted in the virtual world – including the validation, verification, and calibration of embedded software. Increasingly precise models and more powerful computers are making it possible to integrate and test systems before hardware prototypes are available. Standards play an important role in these …

Engineering Services, ISOLAR, RTA, StandardsAUTOSAR, COMASSO, Embedded Systems Consulting, ISOLAR-A, ISOLAR-EVE, …Article RealTimes“Open Source“ AUTOSAR

ETAS RTA Solutions and ISOLAR product family deliver the promise of AUTOSAR

The AUTOSAR development partnership started more than ten years ago with the promise to manage the increasing electrical/electronic complexity in different domains. The objective was to lower the cost of standardized basic software, support safety, maintainability, and exchangeability while enabling more powerful tool chains to be constructed through …

Téléchargements ETASmultiple productsSpécificationGeneral Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Repair Services (ETAS K.K., Japan) 18/06/2015
Familles multiplesmultiple productsArticle techniqueEffizient und mit hoher Qualität entwickeln

Effizient und mit hoher Qualität entwickeln

Sicherheit und Qualität sind im Automobilbereich das A und O. Daher müssen Systeme und die zugehörige Software stets einwandfrei funktionieren.

Das heißt, dass man bei deren Entwicklung höchste Qualitätsansprüche erfüllen muss – und dabei gleichzeitig die Kosten nicht aus dem Auge verlieren darf.

RTAmultiple productsArticle techniqueGlobal verteilte Software-Teams

Global verteilte Software-Teams

Automobilhersteller und Systemzulieferer lassen immer mehr Embedded Software von externen Dienstleistern programmieren. Das erfordert eine umfassende technologische, organisatorische und vertragliche Neuorientierung.

Standardisierung und Virtualisierung der Entwicklungsumgebung sind Schlüssel, um in global verteilten Teams unabhängig von der Hardware …

RTARTA Engineering ServicesArticle techniqueWegbereiter für die nächste Milliarde Steuergeräte

Wegbereiter für die nächste Milliarde Steuergeräte

Verschiedene Effekte zwingen die OEMs und deren Zulieferer dazu, bei der Entwicklung von Embedded Software neue Wege zu gehen.

Mit RTA Engineering Services bietet ETAS die Lösung für wachsende Herausforderungen wie hohen Innovationsdruck, kürzere Produkteinführungszeiten und steigende Kostenoptimierungen.