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Webinar: VSOC

Cloud-based vehicle fleet security monitoring and response

Recording: Streamed on 26 Oct 2021

Language: English

Duration: 48 min 35 sec

Speakers: Dr. Jan Holle, Lead Product Manager, Intrusion Detection & Prevention Solution (IDPS), Dr. Jens Gramm, Senior Product Manager, Vehicle Security Operations Center (VSOC) & Florian Ziegler, Software Architect, CycurGUARD

Protecting digitally connected vehicles and fleets against cyberattacks and unauthorized access is a continuous process, and in the near future, automotive manufacturers and fleet operators will need to guarantee it throughout the vehicle’s entire lifecycle. New regulations by the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (UNECE WP.29) prescribe the introduction of a certified cybersecurity management system (CSMS) by the middle of 2024 as a prerequisite for the type approval of new vehicle models.

Our ETAS experts Jan Holle, Jens Gramm, and Florian Ziegler will talk about why it is important to use a combination of automated Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) and manual expert teams for fleet security monitoring. In addition, they explain how ETAS’s Vehicle Security Operations Center (VSOC), with its CycurGUARD component, tracks a fleet’s real-time security status based on in-vehicle data and identifies exposure to acute threats and risks. They will also discuss where and how in-vehicle and backend solutions work together to protect the connected fleet and let every hacking attempt strengthen the defenses.


  • Introduction to mandatory regulations and in-vehicle IDS
  • Relevance and interaction of IDPS backend and cloud components
  • Technical deep dive into Vehicle Security Operations Center
  • Technical deep dive into CycurGUARD
  • Q&A