ETAS Academy ウェビナー




Recording: Streamed on 19 Feb 2020

Language: English

Duration: 1 hour

Speakers: MSc. Shukla Siddharth, Product Manager of CycurGATE

Automotive Ethernet is on the rise. However, an Ethernet-based E/E architecture calls for particularly powerful security functions. That is why automotive Ethernet firewalls & routers will play a key role in monitoring and controlling electrical system communications in the future.

In this webinar we will introduce the development of Ethernet architecture, and show you how ETAS’ automotive firewall CycurGATE ensures the vehicle cybersecurity in typical use cases. This includes protection against denial-of-service attacks and how it enforces permitted Ethernet communication throughout the domain structure.


  • Trends in E/E-Architecture, how popular is Ethernet?
  • Benefits & drawbacks with use of Ethernet in automotive E/E-Architecture
  • How to secure Ethernet based E/E-Architecture and the role of Firewall and Router
  • Benefits and features of CycurGATE
  • Continuous protection – complete IDPS components overview
  • Q & A