Diversity @ ETAS

Diversity enriches us. Our diverse culture ensures that all employees have equal opportunities and are empowered to bring their authentic selves to work, contributing to a unique workplace.

At #TeamETAS we appreciate the different perspectives and talents of every individual. They guide us in creating a workplace where all voices are heard and valued. We understand that fostering diversity, equity and inclusion requires continuous learning, self-analysis, and action.

Our intrinsic diversity not only inspires creativity and innovation, but also promotes a stimulating work environment where everyone can develop their full potential.

Wembracdiversity. Bparoit.

We believe in the strength of our cultural diversity. With our locations in 12 different countries, intercultural skills are in demand every day at ETAS. Therefore, we promote global collaboration and utilize our cultural diversity in an inclusive environment.

Selected highlights and activities:

  • Regular Diversity Exchanges with international focus
  • 20% of non-locals in Germany
  • Associate Network: Worldwide Cultural Multiplier @ETAS

Performance requires balance. We foster a work culture in which our team members can truly contribute their strengths. That's why we offer flexible and mobile working models to find individual solutions for professional development, life phases and personal goals, thus improving work-life balance.

Selected highlights and activities:

  • Diverse flexible and mobile working models: Job Sharing, Part-time work, Home Office, Sabbatical, Remote working …
  • Associate Network: Job & Family @ETAS

Numerous studies show that diverse teams that cover all levels of the organization lead to better development of products and services. At ETAS equal opportunities apply to everyone, regardless of gender, including in management positions.

Selected highlights and activities:

  • Female Mentoring Program
  • Associate Networks: Women@ETAS, Women@Bosch

Competence is independent of age. What matters to us is the fusion of experiences and innovative ideas. We foster a work environment where up to five generations can collaborate effectively. Through lifelong learning, health care management and systematic exchange of knowledge and experience, we lay the foundation for successful cooperation across all generations.

Selected highlights and activities:

  • Management Support with worldwide established senior experts
  • Reverse Mentoring

All team members are valued, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We strive to foster connections between our employees and encourage the exchange of ideas and understanding between people of different sexual identities and orientations. Everyone is encouraged to express themselves authentically within the ETAS community.

Selected highlights and activities:

  • Yearly Bosch Pride Parade
  • Associate Network: b:proud, including an ally initiative

We cultivate innovation by prioritizing the unique competencies of our team members rather than focusing on their limitations. This approach guides us in establishing a work culture that recognizes and values the distinctive needs and abilities of each associate. Everyone contributes to our diversity, bringing forth their individual competencies and strengths.

Selected highlights and activities:

  • Cooperation with workshops for people with disabilities
  • Associate Network: BeAdapt@Bosch