ETAS Academy Webinars


Webinar: IDPS – The immune system for connected vehicle fleets


Recording: Streamed on 07 Sep 2021

Language: English

Duration: 41 min 13 sec

Speakers: Dr. Jan Holle, Lead Product Manager IDPS & Niclas Will, Trainee Product Management IDPS

Latest since the enactment of the UN R155, Cybersecurity and in particular vehicle cybersecurity monitoring throughout the entire vehicle life cycle is a top priority in automotive industry. But how might the regulations be implemented in practice - and how might it be possible to protect the connected vehicle not only from today's threats and attack strategies, but also from those of the future? We at ETAS believe, this will only succeed in the interplay of distributed in-vehicle intrusion detection sensors and continuous, cross-fleet security monitoring to establish an immune system for connected fleets.

Within this webinar, Dr. Jan Holle and Niclas Will will provide an overview on the global demands for the ETAS Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solution (IDPS) and its decisive components, based on a review of selected relevant legislations. Starting with the mandatory legal landscape to achieve type approval for connected vehicle fleets, our ETAS colleagues will start presenting the several in-vehicle detection sensors that are part of the IDPS embedded in the vehicle network and in control units serve to monitor and secure the control units and communication. Afterwards there will be focus on the backend side of the IDPS, where a Vehicle Security Operations Center (VSOC) based on a Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) system monitors the security of networked vehicle fleets around the clock and executes the Incident Response Process. We at ETAS have more than five years automotive Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and firewall development experience. In addition to the continuous improvement of our detection mechanisms, we also focus on the development of prevention technologies.


  • Global IDPS legal landscape with focus on UN R155 and China
  • Illustration of our ESCRYPT IDPS as immune system for connected fleets
  • In-vehicle IDPS technologies (such as CycurIDS, distributed IDS, host-based IDS, CycurGATE, etc.)
  • Backend & cloud IDPS technologies (VSOC, CycurGUARD)
  • Start of IDPS webinar 2021 series and outlook
  • Q & A