Fuzz Testing – Unmask hidden risks of your automotive embedded system


Recording: Streamed on 05 Jul 2021

Language: English

Duration: 38 min 50 sec

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In the most recent episode of ETAS's ‘Automotive Cybersecurity Talk’ podcast, security testing specialist John McShane takes listeners on a journey into the world of vehicle systems fuzz testing.

Fuzzing is a powerful testing technique for checking software and system robustness for cybersecurity vulnerabilities. It is used to test how a target system reacts to randomly generated invalid or unexpected inputs and helps discover weak points and implementation errors that a hacker could exploit.

In the podcast, testing expert John McShane joins host Joe Cusumano to discuss the ins and outs of automotive fuzz testing – what exactly it is, mediums to use, why it is important and brings value to vehicle development, how it differs from other testing methods and more.

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