New ETAS building brings all Stuttgart associates under one roof

Stuttgart, September 9, 2018 – Having previously been spread across four different buildings in the Feuerbach district of Stuttgart, all of ETAS’ associates in Germany – around 700 – are now housed under a single roof for the first time. Having an open office concept, light-flooded rooms, lounges, conversation areas, and creativity spaces, the new ETAS building offers inspiring working conditions to encourage new and flexible ways of working together.

ETAS associates have been actively involved in the design and construction of the new headquarters building in Stuttgart – one of the reasons that it is affectionately referred to as ETAS Home within the company.

“The name chosen for the building, ETAS Home, makes it clear just how strongly people identify with it – it is clearly much more than just an office,” says Friedhelm Pickhard, Chairman of the Board of Management of ETAS GmbH.

A new work environment

Work on the construction of the building began in March 2016, and the six-story building has a total floor area of 26,100 square meters. ETAS Home provides space for around 990 workplaces as well as 238 meeting rooms. As well as conventional conference rooms, the building also offers other networking space consisting of focus rooms, telephone cells, and scrum rooms.

New additions include silent working rooms where people can retreat to focus on highly concentrated individual work, silence lounges for relaxation, and creative spaces in the form of activity lounges. Associates and visitors can also meet in the bistro area on the ground floor.

Space for creativity

To realize the concept of inspiring working conditions, the space was deliberately configured to encourage creativity and informal discussion. One aim of this approach is to generate new ideas and facilitate thinking out of the box. Teams now have access to dedicated spaces offering workshop facilities and materials that allow them to work together to develop ideas and immediately put together physical prototypes. Known as activity lounges, these spaces consist of a big lounge area, a workshop space, and two integrated focus rooms; they can be found on several of the floors and are each dedicated to a specific theme, for instance sports/competition, improvisation/graffiti, and space and science fiction.

A wide range of room arrangements and communication options allow for efficient work on a wide variety of tasks. People are never far away from each other, with increased opportunity for informal discussion, encouraging innovation. The goal is to provide an excellent and appealing work environment that will inspire associates now and in the future.

The new ETAS building is located next door to the old headquarters on Borsigstraße.

The new address for visitors is as follows:

The new ETAS building is located next door to the old headquarters on Borsigstraße.

The new address for visitors is as follows:

Borsigstraße 24
70469 Stuttgart, Germany


ETAS为汽车行业和嵌入式行业其他领域的嵌入式系统开发提供了创新的解决方案。 作为系统供应商,ETAS提供了涵盖从集成工具和工具解决方案到工程服务、咨询、培训和支持的范围的多方面产品组合。 整体物联网安全解决方案通过ETAS子公司ESCRYPT提供。 ETAS GmbH成立于1994年,是博世集团的100%子公司,在欧洲,北美和南美以及亚洲设有国际子公司和销售办事处。

Anja Krahl

Senior Manager Press and Public Relations

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