INCA: The Standard Engine Calibration Tool


Engine control development is an important core competency for OEMs and suppliers; the continually increasing complexity is a determining factor. Therefore, engineer training in the field of calibration, diagnosis, and validation of electronic vehicle systems is an important teaching component at many colleges and universities.


With its INCA Software products, ETAS offers flexible tools for the calibration, diagnosis, and validation of electronic systems in the vehicle.

INCA software products are used in the development and testing of control devices as well as in the validation and calibration of electronically-controlled vehicle systems, both on the test bench or in a virtual environment on a computer.

The tools offer a wide range of functions ranging from precalibration of function models on the computer, flash programming of the control unit, data analysis, administration of the application data, and automated optimization of control unit parameters. Calibration and measurement data can be managed continuously and evaluated offline.


The flexible ETAS tools from the INCA family are established software products in the automotive industry. By using and applying the software, students are able to strengthen their skills for using the application at an early stage.