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In the ever-evolving automotive industry, the demand for advanced vehicle features and functionalities is on the rise. From autonomous driving to connected infotainment systems, the complexity of automotive software has reached unprecedented levels. For this, we develop and provide the high performant real-time application environment of basic software, middleware, and the corresponding configuration tools, based on the AUTOSAR Classic and AUTOSAR Adaptive Standards and for ADAS/AD applications. For decades, ETAS’ AUTOSAR-based middleware solutions have proven to be the critical backbone for achieving seamless and reliable software integration in modern vehicles.

Middleware refers to the software layer that sits between the operating system or hardware and the application software in an ECU. It serves as a bridge that facilitates communication and data exchange between various components within the vehicle's software architecture. By decoupling applications and the hardware-related systems, middleware enables them to be developed, maintained, and upgraded independently. Middleware acts as an intermediary, abstracting the underlying hardware and providing a standardized interface for software components to interact seamlessly.

Our solutions offer the following:

Modularity and scalability

Software developers can create modular software components that can be reused across different ECUs, reducing development time and cost. New features/functionalities can be added without significant software reengineering.

Safety and performance enhancement

Many critical functions in a vehicle, such as engine control, require real-time responsiveness. We provide the necessary tools and protocols for ECUs to exchange data fast with minimal latency.

Simplifying updates

Our Middleware simplifies the process of updating ECU software, allowing manufacturers to deliver over-the-air (OTA) updates, enhancing vehicle functionality and security without requiring extensive hardware changes.

Enhanced diagnostics

The diagnostic stack of our middleware enables secure diagnostic communication in the vehicle, which makes it easier to identify and resolve issues later in the field. This capability is essential for ensuring the reliability and safety of modern vehicles.

ETAS Middleware Solutions Overview

Simple integration

We enable the integration of a wide array of hardware and software components within an ECU, ensuring the seamless operation of various vehicle systems.

Save development time

By providing a standardized framework for communication and software development, middleware reduces the time and effort required to develop ECU software. This efficiency is crucial in meeting tight development schedules and getting vehicles to market faster.


With the automotive industry's shift towards autonomous driving, electric vehicles, and advanced connectivity, middleware offers a way to future-proof ECU software. It allows for the seamless integration of new technologies and features as they emerge, ensuring that vehicles remain competitive and up to date.

Cross-platform compatibility

Our middleware helps bridge different hardware and software platforms used in the automotive Industry, leading to greater flexibility in ECU design.

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ETAS’ middleware solutions have been developed according to ISO 26262 and ASIL-B/D compliant development processes. Hence, our solutions can be used from quality managed low-cost to even the most demanding safety-critical applications.

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