ES900 – Prototyping and Interface Modules

Prototyping and interface modules of the ES900 product family are suitable for applications in rough environments in the vehicle and for test bench applications. The heart of the basis module ES910 is a NXP PowerQUICCTM III MPC8548 processor.
ES910 – Prototyping and Interface Module

The modules provide ETK, XETK, CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, and FlexRay interfaces for ECU and vehicle bus access in a compact unit. The ES930 Multi-I/O Module enables access to sensors and actuators by several different inputs and output capabilities. For decentralized ambient measurement data acquisition, both micro measurement modules of the ES400 family and ES63x lambda measurement modules can be connected to the ES910 module. Base module and PC with host application are interconnected via Gbit/s Ethernet interface.

With ES900 modules prototypes of new control and diagnostic functions for vehicle ECUs can be validated under real-life ambient conditions. The control prototypes are configured by INTECRIO and ASCET-RP. INTECRIO integrates functions in the form of generic C code, MATLAB®/ Simulink® or ASCET models, or AUTOSAR compliant software modules. For target-close prototyping of new functions the ES910 basic module supports the real-time OS RTA-OSEK and the connection of ECUs by ETK, XETK, or XCP bypass interfaces.

With INCA, ES900 control prototypes can be integrated forcalibration purposes. In addition, ES900 modules can be employed with INCA for the collection of ECU and vehicle bus signals and for ECU calibration. For automation purposes INCA functions can be transferred to the ES910 module, executed in real-time, and integrated with test bench automations via EtherCAT- or iLinkRTTM-interfaces.


  • Compact prototyping and interface modules for design development and application
  • PowerQUICCTM III MPC8548 processor for real-time calculations
  • ETK, XETK, CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, and FlexRay interfaces
  • Integrated with INCA, INTECRIO and ASCET
  • Support of ETK, XETK, XCP on Ethernet and XCP on CAN bypass
  • Connection of ES930 Multi-I/O-Module as well as ES63x and ES400 measurement modules
  • Supports EtherCAT and iLinkRTTM test bench automation interfaces

Members of the ES900 Product Family

Product Characteristics
ES910 – Prototyping and Interface Module PowerQUICC™ Microprocessor, 1x ETK, 1x XETK, 2x CAN, 2 x LIN, ES400 Interface
ES920 – FlexRay Module 1 FlexRay node (2 channels)

ES921 – CAN Module

2x CAN

ES922 – CAN FD Module


ES930 – Multi-I/O Module

16 input channels, 14 output channels, 6 half-bridges with current measurement