ES132 – CAN FD Extension Module

The ETAS ES132 CAN FD Module is designed for calibration, diagnostics, and flash programming of ECUs. It provides 2 CAN FD channels and supports up to 8MB using the newest SIC (Signal Improvement Capability) technology.The ES132 extends any ETAS hardware device equipped with a Fast Ethernet (FE) interface with two CAN FD channels. The signals provided by the ES132 are fully synchronized with the host device, so from the application point of view they are integrated in the host device.


  • Targeted for ECU measurement, calibration, diagnostics and flash programming
  • Power and communication over the Ethernet cable
  • 2 High-Speed CAN-FD SIC channels, electrically isolated
  • Compatible with ISO and non-ISO CAN-FD versions
  • Supports SAE J2534-2
  • Multi-Client Support
  • Easy integration in 3rd party SW with EBI-IP (EBI-IP: ETAS Bus Interfaces Integration Package)


  • Extends an ETAS hardware set up with 2 x CAN FD SIC Channels
  • Supports baud rates up to 8 Mbit/sec
  • Compatible with all ETAS hardware offering FE downstream ports
  • Supports ETAS time synchronization mechanism
    • Signals from ES132 are in the same time domain as the signals from the module, it is connected to
  • Supports the ETAS wake up – sleep mechanism
  • FW updateable using HSP

Use Cases

  1. Extension of legacy devices, e.g., ES595 with CAN FD functionality
  2. Adding further CAN FD channels to ES8xx devices
  3. Easy possibility to create a flexible set-up for CAN FD and XETK use cases