ES410 – A/D Module

The ES410 is an A/D module with 8 electrically isolated channels. Compared to the ES411 module, it offers 4 additional input channels but no sensor supply. The ES410 module has 8 input voltage ranges between ±100 mV and ±60 V.

ES410 input signals can be passed through a high quality configurable FIR filter of 8th order to suppress signal noise and avoid aliasing effects. Signal oversampling is supported by independent setting of corner frequency and sampling rate. For best measurement results also at low sample rates, the FIR filter is always using all available signal information.

Splitter cables with BNC or open wires are provided to connect the voltage input to the ES410 module. The A/D module can store the channel configurations onboard.


  • 8 electrically isolated A/D (analog input) channels
  • Input voltage range between ±100 mV and ±60 V
  • Sampling rates between 0.5 Hz and 10 kHz
  • Software configurable high-order low-pass filter
  • Operating temperature between -40 °C and 120 °C (-40 °F and 248 °F)
  • Rugged water and dustproof housing (IP67)
  • Cost effective