ESCRYPT – Security. Trust. Success.

ESCRYPT, a brand of ETAS GmbH, offers highly secure IT security solutions for embedded systems, as well as consulting and services for enterprise security and IT-secured manufacturing.

ESCRYPT products have been deployed millions of times over in automotive security applications and for full-scale automotive production. ESCRYPT also provides dedicated security supporting services for Bosch Group’s Enterprise IT and its products.

Autonomous and connected vehicles, Industry 4.0 manufacturing plants and the like are extensively networked and vulnerable. It takes a blanket security concept that covers embedded systems, infrastructure, the security organization, and processes across the full lifecycle to protect these IoT applications. This is why the ESCRYPT portfolio encompasses more than merely solutions to securely share data and update firmware as well as detect and defend against attacks. Solutions enabling preventive vulnerability management, risk and hazard analyses, IT systems penetration tests, real-time analyses, and incident and emergency response management also feature prominently.