Drivers and Tools for ETKs

The INCA Service Pack installation package allows existing INCA installations to be extended and updated to add ETK-specific features and corrections.

The INCA Service Pack version that is valid when an INCA release takes place is included on the INCA installation CD.


Installing the INCA Service Pack allows existing INCA versions to be easily modified to satisfy new ETK/FETK/XETK product requirements or new ETK/FETK/XETK versions.

The INCA Service Pack package has its own release notes describing the features included in each version.

The new ETK, FETK, and XETK configuration tools included in the package can be started directly from the Windows Start menu.

Product contents

The installation package includes the following:

  • ETK driver for INCA. Everything required for using ETKs/FETKs/XETKs with INCA is included here.
  • ETK Tools: This installation includes ETK/FETK/XETK Configuration Tool. This enables configuration of the ETK/FETK/XETK for the ECU project.

The installation package "ETK Tools" is also available as a stand-alone installation (without ETK Drivers).

Installation instructions

The INCA Service Pack installation package can only be used starting with INCA V7.1.

Recommended Versions

ETAS recommends to use the latest software versions:

  • INCA V7.4 with HSP V13.x
  • ETK Tools V4.3 with HSP V13.x