ETK / FETK / XETK – ECU Interfaces

The high standards in terms of performance, safety, responsiveness, drivability, fuel savings and emissions met by today's vehicles would not be attainable without the deployment of ECUs featuring a multitude of sophisticated functions. Powerful measuring and calibration access constitutes an essential prerequisite for developing these functions and calibrating the function parameters.

The Ethernet-based ETK, FETK, and XETK interfaces by ETAS provide direct access to the measurement variables and control parameters of an ECU via the parallel data and address bus, or via a serial microcontroller testing or debugging interface. The ETK, FETK, and XETK interfaces are real-time capable. Their dedicated power supplies enable the preparation and initiation of cold-start testing independently of the ECU. Due to their extremely compact design, ETKs, FETKs, and XETKs can be accommodated inside the housings of production ECUs. They are impervious to the temperature extremes and vibrations at the ECU's location in the vehicle.


  • Measurement and calibration of ECU variables and control parameters
  • Prototyping of ECU functions
  • ECU flash programming


  • Powerful, vehicle-suitable and microcontroller-independent interface between development ECU and PC-based development and calibration tools
  • Independent of the ECU vehicle-bus interfaces
  • Small form factor
  • Mechanically and electrically robust
  • Flexible and easily adaptable to various microcontrollers


  • Ethernet-based data transmission with high bandwidth
  • Time and angle-synchronized capture of some hundred measured variables in up to 32 resolutions
  • Real time data exchange, e.g., with prototyping hardware (“bypass applications”)
  • Supports up to 16 time and angle-synchronized bypass resolutions
  • Simultaneous access to the ECU for measurement, calibration and rapid prototyping tools