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This release provides a new version of EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR with several improvements and new features to make ECU software documentation easier to use and understand.

New features and improvements at a glance

  • Support for multiple Document Viewer tabs
    You can now open the textual descriptions of different ECU functions in multiple tabs. This works either through the context menu, with the mouse, or through keyboard shortcuts. New tabs can be opened from various places such as the table of contents, bookmarks, the label popup, as well as search results or clickable images.
  • Creating and editing Function Overview Diagrams
    With function overviews, EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR provides a means to show a set of ECU functions with their inputs, outputs, and the dependencies amongst them in an easy to understand diagram.
    EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR V8.0 now supports the creation and editing of function overview diagrams in a more easy way:
    • You can start creating a new function overview diagram from scratch through a simple guided workflow where you can select the ECU functions of interest from a list
    • In a similar way, you can edit a function overview diagram to add or remove functions
  • Connect MDA V8 to a running EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR instance
    Starting with MDA V8.4 and EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR V8.0, both tools can now be used even more seamlessly together. You can now connect MDA V8 and EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR directly at runtime.