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INCA, …ASCET TIP, ASCET V4.0, ASCET V4.1, ASCET V4.2, ASCET V5.0, …Handbuch / Technische DokumentationSicherheitshinweis 06.05.2021
INCA, …ASCET TIP, ASCET V6.3, ASCET V7.3, ASCET-DEVELOPER, ASCET-DIFF, …SoftwareLiMa (ETAS License Manager) V1.8.2 LiMa (ETAS License Manager) V1.8.2

This LiMa upgrade contains the support for machine based FlexNet-Embedded (FNE) licenses. In case of new ordered machine based license(s) for formerly released ETAS-SW, this upgrade supports additionally the activation of new FlexNet-Embedded (FNE) license type. All existing FlexNet-Publisher (FNP) license types are still supported.

If you need more detailed information about this ETAS License …

INCAINCA V7.0, INCA V7.1, INCA V7.2VideoINCA V7: How to enable/disable COM API logging INCA V7: How to enable/disable COM API logging

This video shows how to activate or deactivate COM API logging in INCA.
INCA COM API logging is useful to debug API scirpts for automatization.
To visualize COM API logging in INCA monitor window please
- press simultaneous "CTRL" + "SHIFT" + "User Options"
- enter password "Jodler" and
- choose "3" to enable and "4" to disable COM API logging.
Restart of INCA …


This Hardware Integration Development Kit contains the latest enhancement introduced with INCA V7.3.4 for the A1B.DK see ASAP1b_DevKit_UsersGuide.pdf.  If you need more detailed information about the content, please feel free to contact your regional support or our ETAS engineering group.

Important: Please make sure that downloaded content is recognized by Windows as trusted.
After having downloaded the …

INCAINCA V7.3SoftwareINCA V7.3 Service Pack 4 INCA V7.3 Service Pack 4 – 64 Bit

This INCA Service Pack supports the efficient usage of INCA. It contains the most current enhancements and bug fixes for INCA and the recommended INCA Add-Ons.

INCA V7.3 Service Pack 4 - 64 Bit INCA V7.3.4 INCA AddOn eCDM V7.3.4 INCA AddOn DriveRecorder V7.3.4 INCA AddOn Video Tutorials V7.3.4 INCA AddOn MCE V7.3.4 INCA AddOn Vector-Hardware V7.3.4 INCA AddOn FlexRay V7.3.4 INCA AddOn LIN …
INCAMDASoftwareMDA V8.5.4 MDA V8.5.4

MDA V8.5.4 is the latest release of MDA V8 product line. It represents the new generation Measure Data Analysis tool of ETAS, which combines high performance and good usability.

MDA V8 supports major use cases: for an overview see 'MDA V8.5 Functionality Overview' slides.

MDA V8.5.4 replaces MDA V8.5.3.

The following major improvements are available with MDA V8.5.4:

Support of LookUp tables for …

INCA-FLOW V4.10.1 contains next to new features also some important bug fixes, see Release Notes and What`s news slides. If you need more detailed information about the content, please feel free to contact your regional support.

INCA-FLOW is an engineering tool designed for use only by well-trained and qualified personnel. Calibration activities require influence or control over the electronic control system. ETAS …

INCAMDAHandbuch / Technische DokumentationMDA V8.5 Benutzerhandbuch MDA V8.5 Manual

The ETAS MDA (Measure Data Analyzer) measurement data analysis tool lets users visualize, further process, analyze, and document measurement data.

INCAMDAVideoMDA V8 – Merging of Measure Files (MdfCombine.exe)

This video shows how to merge multiple measure files into one combined measure file. More information on MDA V8 is available at



Weitere Videos finden Sie auf unserem ETAS YouTube-Kanal.

INCAMDAFAQ / AnwendungsfallWie kann ich die Signalkurvendarstellung in MDA V8 anpassen?

In diesem Artikel wird beschrieben wie die Signalkurvendarstellung in MDA V8 angepasst werden kann.

INCA, …INCA V7.3, INTECRIOFAQ / AnwendungsfallCan I make a Testpoint in Simulink available as a Measurement Label

This document describes how to configure a testpoint in Simulink to get it available as a measurement label in ETAS INTECRIO Experiment Environment or in INCA.