About ETAS

We excel in providing innovative solutions that drive the development of embedded systems for the automotive industry and related sectors. As a systems provider, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of integrated tools and tool solutions as well as engineering services, consulting, training, and support. Holistic automotive security solutions are offered under the ESCRYPT brand.

  • Foundation: 1994 as subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH

  • Associates: 1,500 (January 1, 2021)

  • Sales revenue: 293 million euros (2020)

  • International presence: 12 countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas

  • Customers: automakers, automotive component suppliers, ECU suppliers, and engineering service providers

  • Portfolio expansion: engineering and consulting services, training programs, and premium-class customer service

ETAS portfolio

The automotive industry is undergoing fundamental change. New, energy-efficient vehicle powertrains, (partially) autonomous driving, digitalization, connectivity, and cyber security – the list of innovations has never been so long. At the same time, new systems must be brought to market faster. Key technologies are electronics and software, which is exactly where ETAS’ strengths lie. Our solutions are used at all stages of embedded software development. We have divided our products and services into five key segments to reflect our customers’ application areas.

A brief overview of the ETAS application fields

ETAS offers comprehensive solutions for the development of automotive embedded software in the application fields of software engineering, test and validation, measurement, calibration, and diagnostics, middleware, and cybersecurity.

This video shows a brief overview.

Software Engineering

  • Using simulation and rapid prototyping, new and modified functions can be demonstrated in vehicles at an early stage of development. The following product families are available for this: SCODE for description and optimization, ASCET for secure modeling and code generation, and ISOLAR for AUTOSAR integration. For rapid prototyping, EHOOKS supports bypass hook insertion, and the integration and configuration platform INTECRIO supports the use of functional models from a remarkable variety of modeling tools.

Test and Validation

  • Model-in-the-Loop (MiL) and Software-in-the-Loop (SiL) test systems play a key quality assurance role in the early stages of ECU development. They simulate the Driver- Vehicle-Environment (DVE) system, enabling developers to test the functions or diagnostic behavior of electronic control units, either on a PC or in the lab. Intelligent, electronically controlled functions that make the car automated, connected, and environment-friendly must be totally safe and secure and must work reliably under all circumstances.

Measurement, Calibration, and Diagnostics

  • Software tools from the INCA product family and vehicle-compatible hardware in the shape of measurement instruments, interfaces, and memory emulators for ECUs support the acquisition of measurement data during test drives, the calibration of powertrain functions, and the validation of onboard diagnostics. For model-based calibration, ETAS ASCMO is the ideal solution.

Real Time Applications

  • Offer a comprehensive product and service portfolio to help customers obtain reliable and safe embedded software. Included are RTA Basic Software and Tools for the efficient development of application software for vehicle ECUs, RTA Engineering Services for the development of tailor-made embedded software, as well as RTA Consulting Services to provide professional support services for the optimization of development processes.

Cyber Security Solutions

  • Increasing connectivity and the real-time communication of vehicle systems and other electronic systems make comprehensive and cost-efficient protection necessary. ESCRYPT offers highly secure IT security solutions for embedded systems, as well as consulting and services for enterprise security and IT-secured manufacturing.