Formula Student

Formula Student attracts teams from numerous universities. The student engineering competition, which includes challenges both on and off the race track, provides the perfect opportunity for students to tie together the theoretical knowledge they have acquired at university with its real-world application. Participants in this unique, international competition are given just one year to develop, design, and produce a complete race car. They are also required to draw up a detailed business plan and develop a marketing concept for their race car. The highlight of each season is the Formula Student Germany race. Each year, over 100 teams from numerous different countries – a total of more than 3,000 students – bring the cars they have designed and built to the emblematic Hockenheimring race track to put their skills to the test. We have been one of the main sponsors of Formula Student Germany since 2008.

ETAS sponsorship

We actively support over 30 teams from around the world, providing the assistance they need to participate in Formula Student.