Expert webinar from Arm with ETAS presenter

Optimized Code Generation for Arm Devices with ASCET


ETAS will participate in Arm’s webinar “Model-Based Development Accelerated: Optimized Code Generation for Arm Devices”

A vehicle today has over 100 million lines of software code that controls its various systems from engine management to atmospheric control. This complexity has led to the widespread use of model-based development to create code that is safe, secure, easily maintainable and conforms to safety standards. The number of control software for safety-relevant applications running on Arm-based CPUs is rapidly growing.

Arm has collaborated with ETAS to create an easy workflow for model-based development of safety-relevant applications that can double code performance.

Learn more about: 

  • Best practices for simple optimization techniques and faster performance on Arm architecture
  • How to streamline toolchain integration using ETAS ASCET-DEVELOPER models with the safety-qualified Arm Compiler
  • How to easily evaluate the flow with an example setup


  • Rob Barnes, Director and Technical Specialist at Elsense Limited, is responsible for automotive transmission and motor control software. He has over 20 years of experience in series production software for Dual Clutch and Automated Manual Transmissions for drivelines such as the Bugatti Veyron.
  • Ronan Synnott, Solutions Architect at Arm, educates developers on all aspects Arm’s development tool offerings, ensuring that they select the right portfolio of products for their specific needs, and enabling the most productive use of the tools together.
  • Abhik Dey, Product Manager ASCET-DEVELOPER at ETAS, has over 13 years of experience spanning various roles in automotive software domain. He also brings knowledge of the accompanying processes, methodology, standards and tools.

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