Collaboration of ETAS and Lynx Software Technologies

Robert Day, Vice President of Marketing, Lynx Software Technologies, Inc. and Nigel Tracey, Director - RTA Solutions, ETAS Ltd.

ETAS and Lynx Software Technologies collaborate to deliver safe and secure ECU platform technology to support the needs of next generation connected and autonomous vehicles. The collaboration brings the automotive safety-critical world together with the highest levels of security.

ETAS will provide and support the LynxSecure Separation Kernel for the automotive market. In addition, ETAS is supporting LynxSecure with a version of the AUTOSAR basic software solution RTA-BSW and the ESCRYPT embedded security solution to run within the lightweight isolated virtual machine containers of LynxSecure. This combination forms a complete platform designed to address realtime use cases which demand the highest level of safety and security.

The LynxSecure Separation Kernel allows the powerful microprocessor-based hardware to be partitioned and isolated into different virtual machines allowing software applications to co-exist while providing freedom from interference. The LynxSecure Separation Kernel technology also offers the unique LynxSecure Application virtual machine containers. These bare-metal virtual machines are highly efficient allowing application code to run directly on the microprocessor without the need for a guest operating system.

In short, the solution offered by bringing together ETAS, ESCRYPT, and Lynx offers the trusted safety and secure software foundation required by domain controllers/vehicle computers (DC/VC ECUs).

Further information:

About RTA Solutions

ETAS RTA Solutions has a long and trusted heritage of supporting the automotive industry with series production platform software. ETAS has offered the smallest and fastest automotive operating system for the last 20 years. Today, RTA Solutions provides a complete AUTOSAR basic software stack, RTA-BSW. The RTA Solutions basic software components have been deployed in more than 1.2 billion ECUs to date with millions of new ECUs being produced each week.

About LynxSecure

The LynxSecure Separation Kernel Hypervisor brings unique protection characteristics to intelligent devices, gateways, and cloud infrastructure. It combines military-grade security with hard real-time scheduling, offering unique differentiation against traditional virtualization solutions.