Customer satisfaction grows continuously

The ETAS Support Team uses its annual survey to monitor customer satisfaction on a regular basis. This not only helps identify the drivers of satisfaction, but it also uncovers potential for improvement. The findings are particularly important for achieving a major goal: a continuous improvement in customer satisfaction. The latest survey results show that ETAS Support was able to meet its goal – and is already working to optimize the quality of its services even further.

ETAS Support Germany is happy to present the results of the 2016 survey. The survey covered the following topics: availability, responsiveness, and satisfaction. The already positive results of the previous years were improved upon again – continuing an upward trend. It shows that the measures taken to improve customer satisfaction, based on the results of the previous years, were successful.

Conducting customer satisfaction surveys helps the ETAS Support Team to keep track and to gain an overview of their relationship with the customers. It also helps to identify key drivers for satisfaction and potential for improvement, as well as showing how ETAS Support is performing against its competitors. Analyzing the gap between the customer’s expectations and the currently perceived service quality is also a part of the survey. And, lastly, the results provide crucial input as to how ETAS can secure customer loyalty in the future.

“The ETAS Support Team focuses on people. Customers can contact our Support Team at any time with questions or problems. This brings us even closer to our customers”, emphasizes Hans-Jürgen Schmidt-Fürst, Head of ETAS Support. ETAS thus clearly opposes the trend of making support more and more anonymous. Today, many companies operate on the basis that customer support should consist of filling out online forms, preventing customers from getting in contact with people who can actually help them.

The positive survey results show that the measures taken so far by the ETAS Support Team are leading to the right outcome: a continuous improvement in customer satisfaction. But there is no time to rest for the Support Team: the next task is to conduct the 2017 survey – worldwide. We look forward to see how this year’s measures will be reflected in the 2017 survey results.