ETAS and ESCRYPT at Auto Shanghai 2017

Bosch booth at Auto Shanghai 2017 with exhibits on FOTA (Firmware updates Over-the-Air) and on Security Life Cycle. Dr. Rolf Bulander and Dr. Markus Heyn, Members of the Bosch Board of Management, at the ETAS/ESCRYPT exhibits.

Auto Shanghai 2017, a very important automobile trade show, took place from April 19 to April 28, 2017 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). ETAS and ESCRYPT naturally took part.

This year’s Auto Shanghai was full of high-quality booths as far as the eye could see. Besides the launches of new vehicles, a priority for nearly every OEM was electrification – a topic of great interest not only in the Asian market.

Bosch was the only supplier allowed to exhibit near OEMs in the main halls of Shanghai’s new exhibition center. This proved to be not only a great success but also a huge advantage. The Bosch booth showcased three main topics: automation, connectivity, and electrification.

When it comes to security and embedded services, ETAS and ESCRYPT play important roles for Bosch. One exhibit at Auto Shanghai highlighted Security Life Cycle, which emphasized that security does not stop after Start of Production (SOP) – it continues while a vehicle is in the field. This was related to the second exhibit on FOTA (Firmware updates Over-the-Air) as well as a comparison of regular and parallel updates. The main message here: parallel updates are up to seven times faster than regular updates and offer many additional advantages.