ETAS support back on the road in the Sierra Nevada

ETAS support returns to provide live support again. From June 25 to July 13, 2018, ETAS will return to the intense sun of the Sierra Nevada to provide its own testing support for customers.

Owing to differences in elevation as great as 2,600 meters and temperature differences of up to 20 degrees Celsius, the mountains of the Spanish province of Granada provide automotive manufacturers with the perfect conditions to put their cars through their paces as they make the final development tweaks to the settings of the engine control units.

For these tests a variety of ETAS products are used, for example INCA software products, which offers flexible tools for the calibration, diagnostics, and validation of automotive electronic systems. Or the Measure Data Analyzer (MDA), which is used to visualize measurement data as well as further process, analyze, and document this data. There are also numerous ETAS hardware modules in use, such as the modules of the ES400 product family, which are designed for installation close to sensors.

If users have any questions during testing or experience any issues with ETAS products, they will benefit from ETAS support providing solutions on site as quickly as possible – be it in consultation with support colleagues in Stuttgart-Feuerbach or in the form of a workaround. Whenever possible, the goal is to ensure that measurements can be taken during testing. Naturally, support is included for all ETAS customers.

As last year, the support team will set up an ETAS pit stop, easily recognizable thanks to the bright blue ETAS flags midway through the Sierra Nevada testing course. You can find the ETAS pit stop here:

Restaurante El Mirador de Güejar Sierra
A-395, Km. 22.7
Carretera Sierra Nevada, 7D
18160 Güejar Sierra, Granada, Spain

ETAS pit stop

You can also call the onsite ETAS support team at any time, which means that ETAS support personnel can support anywhere along the test route.

Onsite support: +49 (0) 174 203 88 78

The entire support team in Feuerbach, responsible for Measurement, ECU Calibration, and Diagnostics, will naturally be in contact with the onsite support staff, meaning that you can also call the usual number:

Phone: +49 (0) 711 3423 2315
Email: mcd.support.de@etas.com

On behalf of the entire support team, we wish all ETAS customers successful testing in the Sierra Nevada!