ETAS worldwide: conferences, presentations, trade fairs, and so on

In an era of constant change and innovation, networking with contacts and exchanging expertise becomes more important every day. For this reason, ETAS has a presence at up to 50 events every year. Trade fairs and especially international conferences provide a platform for examining topics, advancing ideas, and presenting solutions. ETAS associates give speeches on a remarkable variety of topics and present cutting-edge concepts worldwide.

Success stories in 2018

Some 20 such events have already taken place this year. They include embedded world 2018, one of the most important trade fairs for ETAS, and Bosch ConnectedWorld in Berlin, where Alberto Fernandez, Head of Product Management Measurement, Calibration, and Diagnostics (MCD) Solutions, spoke about the opportunities of connected development. He values the advantages of such events, adding: “It’s fun to meet new people and share ideas. It helps you stay up to date, and you always learn about new approaches and perspectives.” Along with Marc Habiger and Johannes Wagner, Fernandez also represented ETAS at the International ATZ Conference on Driver Assistance Systems (organized by ATZ, a trade magazine for technology-oriented management in the automotive industry). ETAS is a sponsor of the ATZ Conference, which focused on highly automated driving and safeguarding strategies for various driving scenarios.

At the InfraSEC Forum 2018 in Warsaw (Hard Infrastructure Security), Andrzej Dalasinski gave his presentation about Security in Industrial Control Systems/Operational Technology (ICS/OT): “Untouchable, so what to do with systems that can’t be patched” – which earned him considerable applause. “It feels great to get such a good response. And I was thrilled to have the chance to discuss various matters of industrial security with my fellow attendees,” Dalasinski said.

In April, Connect2Car took place at SAE's World Congress Experience in Detroit, MI; Gothenburg, Sweden hosted the Vehicle Electronics & Connected Services 2018 event. The latter is northern Europe’s largest automotive conference. ETAS associate Stuart Mitchell gave a talk in Gothenburg titled “Vehicle computing using AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform.” The global reach of ETAS this year continued in Rouen, France at the SIA Powertrain Conference in May. This event was held in 2018 for the 30th time. Larger by the year, this conference provides an overview of the state of the art and future challenges in development.

Save the dates: upcoming ETAS events

Associates will represent ETAS at many more trade fairs, conferences, and presentations worldwide in the months to come. Here is a selection:

Automotive Engineering Exposition
July 11-13, 2018; Nagoya, JapanSIMEA 2018 – 26th International Symposium of Automotive Engineering
August 1-2, 2018; São Paulo, Brazil  Low Carbon Vehicle Event (LCVE)
September 12-13, 2018; Millbrook, EnglandAutomotive Sensor and Perception Conference (AutoSens)
September 17-20, 2018; Brussels, Belgium

In addition to the latest trends and technologies in the automotive industry, topics at these events will include the development of vehicle electronics in the future, increasing connectivity within vehicles, and the future of mobility.