Formula Student Germany 2018 – preparations are in full swing

© FSG Maru

Good preparation is half the battle won, or in the case of Formula Student, it may be what puts a team ahead later on the track. This is why ETAS teamed up with various Bosch business units to give some of the sponsored teams the opportunity to put the finishing touches to their vehicles at the Boxberg test site. After all, Formula Student Germany 2018 is fast approaching...

The Formula Student teams sponsored by ETAS and Bosch will kick off the 2018 racing season with a two-day driving and calibration event on July 6 and 7, 2018, at the Bosch Boxberg Proving Ground. After passing inspection, the teams at Boxberg will get to test their vehicles under race-like conditions, discuss with experts and make some final adjustments in the run up to Formula Student Germany. More than 50 ETAS and Bosch experts will be on hand to advise and assist the teams, helping them prepare for the event that will take place at the Hockenheimring on August 6 through 12, 2018.

Entering the competition are 60 teams with combustion engine-powered cars, 18 with autonomous, driverless vehicles and 40 teams with electric vehicles all fighting for supremacy in what promises to be an exciting contest. In contrast to traditional motor racing competitions, the winner is not the team with the fastest vehicle. Instead, the trophy goes to the one team that is able to present the most convincing overall package in terms of construction, racing performance, financial planning, and sales arguments. A panel of judges comprised of experts from the motor sports, automobile, and automotive supply industries assesses the teams’ performance, as the students subject their racers to practical trials in eight different disciplines. These include engineering design, cost analysis, business plan presentation, as well as the dynamic disciplines acceleration, skid pad, autocross, endurance, and fuel efficiency.

A main sponsor of Formula Student Germany for the sixth year running, ETAS is providing hardware, software, and know-how to support more than 30 international teams this year.

Formula Student offers participants a great opportunity to get to know peers from all over the world and network with companies. For ETAS, it is the perfect occasion to present the company and its products and solutions to talented students and arouse the next-generation of developers’ interest in the ETAS portfolio.

We look forward to an exciting competition and wish all ETAS-sponsored teams every success for the 2018 season.