ETAS Connections 2018 – focus on autonomous driving

On October 22 and 23, 2018, the ETAS customer event took place with international participants and speakers in the Wagenhallen Stuttgart. The main theme of this year's ETAS Connections was autonomous driving and the challenges this poses for the automotive industry.

To master the complex connected systems safely, greater use must be made of simulations and data at the development stage. Neural networks and new software platforms are being used, and the security aspect plays a key role, too: automated driving will be made possible through greater vehicle connectivity, both internally and externally.

A total of 30 top-level speakers gave lectures on this topic in three keynote speeches, eight sessions and a panel discussion, in which attendees were invited to share their ideas and experience. Current and future challenges in the field of autonomous driving were examined from OEM, tier-1, and scientific perspectives. Furthermore, the guests could inform themselves about ETAS solutions in the exhibition area and use the evening event for networking.

After the success of ETAS Connections last year, which was prolonged from one day to two, the concept was successfully repeated in 2018. 275 guests attended the event, including representatives of 56 companies and institutions.

In addition, ETAS Connections 2018 took on a more global dimension, addressing a wider international audience and featuring presentations by speakers from China, the UK, Canada, Sweden, and Israel. This is consistent with our belief that the automotive industry can only meet and master the challenges of autonomous driving through positive cooperation across company and national borders.

(Moving) pictures often say more than words: click here to view our video of ETAS Connections 2018.

A date to note: the next ETAS Connections will take place on October 22 and 23, 2019, again in the Wagenhallen Stuttgart. Further information will follow.