ESCRYPT to build new headquarters on former Opel factory site

From left to right: Enno Fuchs (Managing Director Bochum Perspektive 2022 GmbH), Dr. Thomas Wollinger (Managing Director ESCRYPT GmbH), and Prof. Dr. Rolf Heyer (Managing Director WirtschaftsEntwicklungs- Gesellschaft Bochum mbH)

ESCRYPT has chosen the MARK 51°7 technology campus in Bochum as the location of its new headquarters.

Its construction is expected to be completed in 2022 as part of the first phase of development on the former Opel factory site. There is also room for further expansion on the 8,200-square-meter lot.

ESCRYPT will be in excellent company at its new address: in close vicinity to universities and other institutions of scientific research. Indeed, their immediate neighbors on the MARK 51°7 campus will include a number of other research institutions – not only in the field of IT security.

The new technology campus provides ideal conditions for co-locating knowledge work and technology transfer and creating an interface between research and industry.

“As a driver of innovation in the field of automotive security, ESCRYPT aims to profit from this new facility as a means of accelerating the transfer of scientific findings into solutions for the customer,” says Dr. Thomas Wollinger, CEO ESCRYPT GmbH.


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