Happy Birthday, ETAS!

25th anniversary

ETAS was founded almost exactly 25 years ago, on June 1, 1994. Since then the company has developed from a start-up known as the “young and wild mavericks at Bosch” into an independent, globally successful company. To celebrate this special anniversary, we have made a very special film about ETAS and the people who have been with ETAS for a long time.

“ETAS has outstanding, dedicated, and highly motivated associates. Our anniversary film focuses on the pride in our company and on the unique nature of being wild at heart,” says Bernd Hergert, Member of the ETAS Board of Management, summarizing the content of the film.

Another anniversary highlight is a social media wall on our website. Since the beginning of the year, we have been regularly posting anniversary tweets referring to the history of the company. These posts are compiled to form a timeline on the ETAS homepage at www.etas.com/25years.

ETAS anniversary film – 25 years ETAS