ETAS Customer Support 2018 – what do our customers say

We – the ETAS Customer Support team - continuously set ourselves ambitious targets relating to the quality of our support service. The feedback from the global customer satisfaction survey at the end of last year impressively shows that the customer support team once again passed this test with flying colors. We would like to use this opportunity to thank all our customers for the trusting collaboration.

Above average customer satisfaction

The customer expectations relating to quick and informative feedback were once again achieved to a very high level. Additionally, customers’ overall satisfaction with the support department in Germany hit a new benchmark level.

By means of both, the many positive as well as the few critical feedbacks, ETAS customers tell us precisely which support features are appreciated and what they would like to be improved. Based on this customer feedback we are able to implement target-oriented measures for the continuous improvement of support quality.

The results of this survey motivate the support team to maintain top-level performance. You couldn’t express it better than this customer quote:  „Keep up the good work guys.”