The new issue of RealTimes is available!

RealTimes 2019/2020 Title

The latest issue of RealTimes focuses on the future – but also reflects on the past. There is much to discover, as you will see!

The first category of this issue, “Developing vehicles of the future,” takes you into new worlds in automotive software development. Read about new E/E architectures, powerful vehicle computers, the AUTOSAR Adaptive standard and the RTA-VRTE platform software framework.

Articles on other subjects, such as future-proof test systems, a simulation model for fuel cell systems, and the question of how to quickly comb through large volumes of data, complete the first category.

In the category “Successful with ETAS,” you can look forward to articles on established ETAS products, such as the MDA V8 and INCA-FLOW, as well as a success story about the SCODE tools.

The past plays an important role for ETAS in 2019 in particular, as it is the year in which our company celebrates its 25th anniversary. Have a look at “25 Years of ETAS” to discover the milestones in ETAS’ history.

Last but not least, you’ll find our ESCRYPT Security Special with topics such as automotive security as a strategic task, protection of hybrid vehicle networks, and AUTOSAR security.

Enjoy reading!