ASCET-DEVELOPER Community Edition: ETAS offers professional tool for free

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All students, lecturers and coding enthusiasts, listen up: Reach a new level of coding with the ASCET-DEVELOPER Community Edition! ETAS is now offering their model-based development tool ASCET-DEVELOPER free of charge for non-commercial use.

Whether you want to speed up your university projects, incorporate a new tool in your classes or work more efficiently on your private projects like programming your self-balancing bot – the ASCET-DEVELOPER Community Edition allows you not only to benefit from the various advantages of a professional tool that has been proven in use for decades, but also to join a large user community in which you can exchange ideas with others.

If you want to learn more about the ASCET-DEVELOPER Community Edition and get your free personal access to the tool, visit the ASCET-DEVELOPER website and don’t miss out on this major opportunity: https://www.etas.com/en/products/ascet-developer.php.

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