BSI recommends ETAS as APT response service provider

The German Federal Office for Information Security BSI has added ETAS to its list of qualified IT security service providers for combating Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).

APTs are complex, targeted attacks on critical IT infrastructures, such as those of government agencies or commercial enterprises. Such attacks aim to penetrate as deeply as possible into the IT infrastructure in order to spy out sensitive information over a longer period of time.

Via Incident Response as a Service (IRaaS), ETAS is able to investigate the entire scope of the affected IT infrastructures in the event of APT incidents, reconstruct the course of the attack and identify alternative entry points into the network, to subsequently remove the attackers from the network and carefully clean up all affected systems. "These are incident response projects that require special security expertise and extreme caution, since these attacks often extend over months or even years before they are discovered.", says Sven Püschel, Head of IRaaS at ETAS.

ETAS is now one of only 15 IT security providers listed nationwide that are recommended by the BSI as qualified to respond to such attacks. For this purpose, the Federal Office reviewed the incident response service at ETAS in a two-stage suitability test for its special APT response capabilities. Performance features for handling such sensitive attacks include special expertise in malware analysis and forensics, crisis communication and system reconstruction. A specially developed analysis approach enables ETAS to react very quickly from its locations in Stuttgart, Bochum and Berlin throughout Germany in the event of an emergency.

Learn more about Incident Response as a Service by ETAS and the currently listed qualified APT response service providers of the BSI.

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