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Questionnaire on the ETAS customer magazine

Dear website visitors,

if you have known ETAS for a while, you are probably familiar with our customer magazine RealTimes. For 23 years, we have been reporting on technical trends, success stories from customers worldwide, new ETAS products and services, and company news.

In these 23 years, the RealTimes has had some facelifts and changes as we continuously develop our customer magazine. Once again, we think it’s time for an update and for this we need your support. Help us to shape the future of the ETAS RealTimes magazine. How? Please give us about 5 minutes of your time and complete our online questionnaire linked below. Your answers will help us to adapt the RealTimes to your requirements and needs. 

The survey is anonymous. Please do not write anything in the free text fields that could be used to draw conclusions about a person. The survey is conducted with Microsoft Forms.

We appreciate your feedback and your support.

Your RealTimes Team