ISO/SAE 21434 certification for CycurHSM

ISO certificates (TÜV Süd)

ETAS has obtained the ISO/SAE 21434 certificate for its security firmware CycurHSM. The product was certified with the highest security level CAL4 (Cybersecurity Assurance Level 4). The certification by TÜV Süd guarantees CycurHSM customers that the software stack for hardware security modules meets all the requirements of the new automotive cybersecurity standard.

ISO/SAE 21434 (Road vehicles - Cybersecurity engineering), introduced last year, specifies the implementation of a cybersecurity management system (CSMS) in accordance with UN-R155. Accordingly, the use of certified security software such as CycurHSM makes an important contribution to complying with the mandatory regulations for type approval.

With this certification, CycurHSM acts as a trust anchor on the electronic control unit (ECU), ensuring effective ISO/SAE-21434-compliant protection of the vehicle against cyberattacks. In September, ETAS also received the ISO/SAE certification for CycurHSM's development process.

CycurHSM is an automotive security firmware for microchips equipped with an integrated hardware security module (HSM). Physically encapsulated, CycurHSM provides the host system with the necessary cybersecurity functions, while the host core can devote itself entirely to its actual tasks.

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