Astemo automotive ECUs: ETAS cybersecurity included

Astemo supplies its automotive customers around the world with high-quality ECUs for specific vehicle applications. These ECUs feature security components licensed from ETAS that meet the latest technological requirements. First, they are equipped with the CycurLIB crypto library, which is designed specifically for automotive applications, always provides the latest algorithms, and is in line with the ISO26262-compliant ASIL D. Second, they feature CycurHSM security firmware, which performs security functions physically encapsulated within a hardware security module on the microcontroller – data encryption and authentication, secure booting, flashing, and debugging, or even runtime manipulation detection.

Astemo and ETAS has built a business relationship lasting many years. With this license agreement and Astemo engineers have gathered positive feedback in the projects using CycurHSM. The current license agreement guarantees this Japanese automotive supplier access to cutting-edge automotive security products on competitive terms. And as a priority customer, Astemo can turn to ETAS for flexible services and support at any time.

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