New ETAS Classic AUTOSAR solution released

RTA-CAR V9.1 Software DVD Mockup

The latest version of the RTA-CAR solution provides significant enhancements in the ability to automate configuration of the AUTOSAR stack and a better integration in Continuous Integration environments.

RTA-CAR is the ETAS integrated environment to configure and generate a Classic AUTOSAR stack for OEM-specific ECUs.

ETAS’ Classic AUTOSAR solution includes the ISOLAR-A/B tool that provides a unique integrated interface to configure and generate the full AUTOSAR stacks, TÜV-qualified RTA code generators, OEM-specific extensions, and it's fully integrated with ESCRYPT CycurHSM to support OEM-specific security requirements.

RTA-CAR 9.1, released in June 2021, includes the latest version of each component to provide access to the newest developed features available to the ETAS customers.

In addition to the new AUTOSAR use cases supported by the components, such as multicore distribution for the communication stack, new variant handling strategies, and the continuously growing list of targets for RTA-OS and CycurHSM, this new version focuses on the optimization of the effort required to configure the AUTOSAR stack.

The areas of focus for this release have been:

  • Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline support
    • Enhanced CI use cases and documentation to increase the automatable tasks
    • Copy deployable installer to simplify the creation of Virtual Machines in CI pipelines
  • Basic software configuration
    • Automatic configuration of the Ethernet stack for the immediate set-up of the newest automotive communication protocol
    • Mode management editor for a simple and straight forward way to configure BSW modules
  • Automatic creation of mandatory objects for a faster and guided AUTOSAR workflow