New in PROOF maturity model: Chinese cybersecurity guideline, KBA requirements and more

ETAS and KPMG’s PROOF automotive cybersecurity maturity model, which supports OEMs and suppliers in implementing a cybersecurity management system, is being continuously improved to keep pace with the market’s expanding needs.

PROOF has been in use at OEMs and suppliers worldwide since 2019, and has now been updated to include four additional standards and guidelines:

  • The first Chinese cybersecurity guideline: the Administration Guide for ICV Manufacturers and Products Access
  • PSIRT Services Framework for Product Security Incident Response Teams
  • ISO/PAS 5112 for auditing cybersecurity engineering
  • German Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) requirements catalogue for cybersecurity and software update management systems

The update is available immediately to all PROOF subscribers. In total, PROOF currently covers the following standards, guidelines, and regulations: ISO/SAE 21434:2021, UN R 155, UN R 156, VDA ACSMS Red Volume (1st Ed.), JasPar TD-CSP-12 V1.10, CN ICV Access Guide, PSIRT Services Framework 1.1, ISO/PAS 5112 (Annex A), KBA requirements catalogue.

PROOF will be continuously expanded according to the latest developments and requirements.

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