New security testing training courses

ETAS is offering two new training courses in the area of security testing. The basic training will familiarize you with all methods and basic principles of security testing. In the coaching, you will learn to develop your own testing strategy for your company and your products.

  • Security testing (basic training): This course teaches the basic principles of security testing, gives an overview of different test methods, and highlights the challenges and limitations of security testing. In addition, it explains the test setup, how to deal with identified vulnerabilities, and important standards and regulations. The training is intended for product, project, and security managers as well as system engineers and testers who want to gain a solid understanding of security test methods and their application.
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  • Security testing strategy (coaching): The coaching enables participants to assess the status quo of security testing in their company and product area and to identify any existing gaps. The course participants then develop a strategy along which they systematically establish security testing in the company and in the product lifecycle. The coaching is aimed at product, project, testing, and security managers who want to develop an effective testing strategy for their own company or product area.
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