Now as a podcast! Fuzz testing and women power

Listen to the latest on automotive security from ETAS with our regular podcast, Automotive Cybersecurity Talk. The two most recent episodes provide answers about automotive fuzz testing and highlight career opportunities for women in cybersecurity professions.

Fuzz testing – Unmask hidden risks in your automotive embedded system

In this episode, security testing specialist John McShane takes listeners on a journey into the world of vehicle systems fuzz testing. What exactly does it involve? What value does it bring to vehicle development? How does it differ from other testing methods? – English, approx. 39 minutes

Listen to the podcast episode Fuzz testing – Unmask hidden security risks in your automotive embedded system

Women in cybersecurity professions

Women are unfortunately still underrepresented in technical professions. The cybersecurity industry in particular offers many opportunities for women. In this podcast episode, security experts Carina Boettcher and Amrita Bhanja talk about their journey into the cybersecurity industry and offer advice for anyone considering a career in the field. – English, approx. 42 min

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