Partnership agreement with Suresoft for automotive cybersecurity testing

On June 21, ETAS Korea signed a partnership agreement with software and service provider Suresoft to cooperate in the field of automotive cybersecurity testing.

The reason for this is the new regulations on the cybersecurity of connected vehicles. For the approval of new vehicle types, UN Regulation No. 155 (UN R155 ) requires a certified cybersecurity management system (CSMS) and the documentation of risk assessments and security test results based on international standards such as ISO/SAE 21434.

The partnership agreement enables ETAS Korea and Suresoft to jointly offer consulting services and solutions related to cybersecurity testing of in-vehicle systems to Korean automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

“Now automotive manufacturers and suppliers should consider it compulsory, not optional, to implement cybersecurity regulations for the approval of vehicle types. By providing cybersecurity consulting and proven test services which satisfy international regulations, ETAS Korea, along with Suresoft, will equip customers with optimal processes and resources to acquire type approval in the domestic market,” Indeuk Hwang, General Manager of ETAS Korea, said.

“Advancing automotive software industry and increasing network-based collaboration highlighted the importance of readiness against external hacking attacks. The partnership agreement will help Suresoft support domestic automotive manufacturers and suppliers to prepare themselves for UN automotive cybersecurity regulations effectively,” Hyunseop Bae, CEO of Suresoft, added.

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