Automotive safety and security in focus

Interview with Nigel Tracey

At embedded world 2020, Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Stelzer (Editor-at-Large of Elektronik automotive) interviewed Dr. Nigel Tracey, Vice President RTA Solutions at ETAS, on the topic of automotive safety and security in focus.

In the interview, Dr. Tracey answered the following questions:

  • Why should safety and security never be separated in a vehicle?
  • What does a holistic approach for safety and security look like?
  • What added value does a combined approach to safety and security bring?
  • What role do certifications play?
  • What challenges does the automotive industry still have to overcome in terms of safety and security?
Interview with Dr. Nigel Tracey on the VIP Stage of WEKA Fachmedien about automotive safety and security in focus (embedded world 2020).

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