Security training 'ISO/SAE 21434': From engineering to management

ETAS is offering a special security training course for cybersecurity management according to ISO/SAE DIS 21434. The course explicitly incorporates UN regulation 155 (UNECE WP.29) and covers topics ranging from risk assessment to the various security engineering phases and security management..

This advanced two-day course is aimed at managers in charge of security, products, and projects as well as systems, software, and hardware engineers. Participants will gain an overview of the building blocks of ISO/SAE DIS 21434 compliant security engineering and become acquainted with the key role the new standard plays in meeting the UN 155 requirements. Through the lens of specific case studies, the course illuminates the risk-based approach of ISO/SAE DIS 21434 and what it means for security engineering and security management.

You can learn more about the ISO/SAE DIS 21434 security course and further ETAS courses here.

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