South Korea: Partnership with KPMG

For its automotive security services, ETAS Korea has agreed to cooperate with the renowned management consultancy Samjong KPMG. The partners will pool their expertise in the field of cybersecurity to support South Korean automotive manufacturers and suppliers in the implementation and operation of cybersecurity management systems (CSMS).

The reason for this is the regulations on cybersecurity and software updates for connected vehicles adopted by the UNECE World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations in June. The new regulations stipulate that from July 2022, automotive manufacturers must provide proof of a certified cybersecurity management system for the development process for all new vehicle types to be approved in the European Union. Overall, the UNECE regulations will require appropriate risk management, security by design in vehicle development, intrusion detection and prevention for the vehicle fleet, and secure software update management.

In order to sell their vehicles in Europe in the future, South Korean automakers will have to prove that they meet the requirements of the UNECE regulations. To this end ETAS Korea, with its special automotive security expertise, and Samjong KPMG, with its outstanding expertise in the field of cybersecurity management, are now offering OEMs and suppliers a range of integrated consulting solutions.